Hire Me

I want to turn your business into a mecca. I want to develop a brand that puts you above the competition. I want to develop a look for an ad campaign that drastically boosts sales for you. This is my heart behind design.

It goes like this:
  1. You fill out the contact form below.
  2. I respond, and give you the Client Questionnaire. The Client Questionnaire is a short little form with questions such as your company’s values, the vision for your company, your company history, etc. This is so I can get to know you and your company.
  3. If I decide to go through with you and your company, I will write up an invoice, and an informal contract outline my rights in the freelance process and yours as well (like the amount of revisions, timeline, etc.). You will sign, scan and send that to me.
  4. You will pay me 50% of the agreed upon price.
  5. I will come up with some rough sketches and ideas, and show them to you. You will decide what you like (or if you like it) and then we will go forward from there.
  6. After we go through the design process, i.e. revisions, finalization, etc. you will pay me the rest of the money (50%)

If there are any other necessary steps we can discuss those privately. I really look forward to working with you, and developing a graphic or brand for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at caleb.minear@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.



6 thoughts on “Hire Me

  1. Hey Caleb!

    My name is Andy Flores and I’m the Creative Director at Christ Fellowship Church in Miami Florida. We are on the search for a full time designer to be on our creative team. If you or anyone you know are interested please let us know! You have a great work btw! Thanks for your time!

    Andy Ryan Flores


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