Night in our Corner

Ok, so this is a somewhat recent project I did for the chorale of Cornerstone University. This event was a fundraiser aimed at an East Coast tour. The event was a talent show with various acts, and it ended up being a big promotional campaign. I designed the poster as well as some tickets and invite cards, and a slide for pre-service chapel announcements. My goal was to make a design that captivated the heart of Cornerstone University and that also was engaging to the students. I wanted to make it unique and stand out among all the other various college activities going on. I didn’t just want it to blend in on a bulletin board.


The poster with Cornerstone’s iconic clock tower.nioc_1 nioc_2Below is the ticket and invite

nightincorner-gold-square nightincorner-ticketAnd this is the graphic for the chapel pre-service announcements


Overall, it is a nice cohesive look that contributed to the night’s success.





Tell us your thoughts.

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