Domingo En Fuego

This is a phrase used in twenty one pilots’ song “Polarize”. If you look up the meaning, and think about it, it is very meaningful. I didn’t want to just give you the meaning, I want you to look it up for yourself. I think the discovery of the phrase gives it more impact and meaning.

For the style I went a little out of my box and did a very old-school, vintage approach, but still blended it with my contemporary style. I am really satisfied with the look and I am looking to get a poster of it soon.



12 thoughts on “Domingo En Fuego

      1. Hahaha I know, actually I speak spanish and english, but I don´t know the meaning beyond the phrase. The Twenty One Pilots’songs have a lot of meanings in each phrase.

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    1. Sorry, it’s not letting me respond to your later comment. This is just my interpretation, but I think it is referring to religion. Since Sunday is considered sacred in christianity, he is basically saying that is all gone, since it’s on fire, if that makes sense.

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      1. I personally think it might have to do with the line “Sunday is my suicide day” from Migraine… I just don’t know what yet


      2. I think he’s saying that religion has gone to crap and he lost his halo cause he doesn’t believe anymore so he’s asking I don’t know where you are you’ll have to find me seeking out for a presence from a higher power


  1. i think that it is to do with religion, and the fact that there is so much terror that no beings path should be set like that. also i think it has to do with the follow you video becuase it i about the end of the world and believe thst when it talks bout ‘following’ it iss to do with religion also.


  2. I may not be a native speaker when it comes to Spanish, but I was under the impression that Domingo en Fuego meant “Sunday Fire” not Sunday on Fire. I could be wrong…
    As for those that are saying that Tyler has lost his faith in his religion and that is why he says Sunday is on Fire or that it has to do with Suicide Sundays, in my opinion I don’t think that’s it at all.
    If you look at the sentence, putting in what I thought it translated too instead, “Sunday Fire, I think I lost my halo, I don’t know where You are, You’ll have to come and find me.”
    I personally believe he is referencing God himself, and using the most beautiful way I’ve ever heard someone call the Christ- Sunday Fire. If you’re a Christian like myself or Tyler (and many others) you’d know how gorgeous and true that description is for God. He is the blazing light, the holy fire, the Sunday Fire. And it honestly made me cry when I found that translation.

    I’m sorry if this rant seems uncalled for or if it seems as if I’m triggered or something. I just don’t find it pleasant when people try to make theories about Tyler losing his faith or going against God or seeking out the devil. Many have made theories like that and I find it really offensive towards Tyler AND Josh, purely on the notion that the ONE thing the ONE THING Tyler has had throughout his dark past and journey has been his religion. Yes, there were moments when he believed he was damning himself with thoughts of suicide and he couldn’t sift throught the darkness clouding his mind. He thought he lost his halo… His purity, his ticket into heaven with his ideals of killing himself and if you listen closely many of his songs reference him killing a man or getting lost or begging for someone (usually a male being) to save him, find him, help him, or listen to him. He wants to be known again by God, he wants to find his way back into Christ, he believes he has sinned so harshly in the past because of what the bible preaches on suicide. He also references demons a lot as well, mentioning his demons in a few songs, not just because of the phrase “everyone’s got demons” but because biblically, one of the things that was said to cause dark, depressive thoughts, or screaming, or any manifestation of over the top negativity were said to be demons. Evil spirits attempting to take over a pure soul’s body and end them through insecurity, anxiety, fear, doubt, depression, self-deprication, etc. Much like Tyler has described Blurryface.
    I’m kind of rambling now, but my point is, people should stop making up stories about how Tyler (and Josh) stopped being Christians or don’t believe in God because “their songs talk about the devil and him killing himself a lot.” yes some of them do, but if you ACTUALLY listen those songs ALSO mention quite a lot of searching and longing for God to embrace them (more specifically Tyler) again, after every dark thing they’ve been through and are going through now.

    So even if the ‘correct’ translation is “Sunday on Fire” to me it will always have to be “Sunday Fire” because of how beautiful qnd extra poetic that is, and the symbolism I get of him talking to our heavenly father and begging for him to come find him again, as he’s lost his way. He’s lost his halo.

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  3. Cornersnhalls,that was the best comment ihave ever read about totaly wrote everything i want to say about Tyler,Josh,the meaning of phrases and the songs etc. thank youuu and i realized -again- how much Tyler and Josh are lucky to have fans like you.We are lucky to have them and so are they 🙂


  4. Domingo en Fuego literal translation is Sunday in fire (or flames), which I assume means his Christian/Catholic beliefs are burning up. Fire ironicly symbolizes cleansing and rebirth of the soul, starting off with a fresh clean slate.


  5. it means that all things important is on fire,as,sunday is sacred to christians and then it being lit on fire
    so meaning everything important is gone

    P.S;im 11 ;]


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