Comfort Zones

This is a hand lettering personal project. I really love this quote, and it is my new favorite quote that I keep in the back of my mind.

comfort zones Square


I haven’t posted in a while due for multiple reasons. My internship has been in full swing, so a lot more of my creative energy has been focused on that. Also, I am working on my posting habits. I used to have a habit of posting everything I made, even the bad stuff. I am now going to put my best work up only, which means I may not post as often. It’s a matter of quality over quantity. I also started using Instagram a lot more, and it is an easier, simpler, way to post things. the final reason was due to my dislike of my name, and frankly of the site I have built. I started this website 3 years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school, and had no idea what I was doing. I came up with a name quickly, and hadn’t found a better one so I stuck with it. Well, that is still the case. I am constantly searching and planning for a better name, a new site, and a new branding. cdm design seems unprofessional to me, like a 12 year old in their basement (which is basically what it was). I have a lot of plans and I am just waiting for them to pan out and develop.

One of my plans is to open an online shop. This shop would contain artwork prints, fonts, and other design resources. With that being said, I would love to hear suggestions for what you want to see in the shop. The shop is about 6 months down the road, and I will be previewing some items I have planned. I would love feedback and input on all of this, so please leave some. One thing I would like to have is an art print of this graphic, but I would need to know there is demand, so if you would potentially want this comment and share!

comfort zones Mockup


Tell us your thoughts.

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