R&R: Resurrect & Renew

I’m not talking about looking back into the depths of your past work and remaking old work (that’s another post). I’m talking photography.

I bet most people have, somewhere in the junk-filled room in the back of the basement, some really old film lenses. They inherited them from their grandparents and had no idea what to do with them so they threw them in a cardboard box. I bet that, even if you think it’s not you, you just haven’t looked. If not, go to mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa, and I’m sure they do.

This happened with me. My grandma gave me an old film camera (thanks grandma!), possibly my dads. I got home, and I’m like cool! Film would be cool to learn and master. I decided to take film photography up as a hobby. Well months down the line, nothing happened. I came to terms with myself that, after paying money for film, and getting the film developed, as well as a couple of fixes to the camera (like a new battery), it was a lost cause. It sat in my closet for a couple more months when I found out a fancy little tool that was going to take my photography up a few notches. They are lens adapters. They come in all sorts of different varieties for each make and model and mount of, basically every DSLR camera out there. And it really is a game changer

If it’s anything like my situation, the film camera was gifted to you. Therefore with $25 you can double your lens collection. At least that’s what I did. Film cameras are a hassle, and it makes no sense when everything is digital, except as a hobby. So instead of letting it sit in your closet like most film cameras do, use those lenses! Trust me, they are a lot better than you think they are. For $25 I came away with a 35mm, 45mm, and 85mm lens. That is an absolute steal. You can also go to eBay and pick up film lenses cheap, a lot cheaper than new lenses. I have a feeling these are going to be my new favorite lenses. You can get the adapter I used (Minolta MD to Canon EF) here. The adapter cannot employ autofocus, which is not a big deal.

Here’s the lineup:


The original film camera and two of the three lenses.


This is the adapter.

These photos were shot with the 35mm and 45mm lenses.


Tell us your thoughts.

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