Critique vs. Criticism

Similar but not the Same

Two words that seem the same, but yet have a significant difference. Criticism is defined from Merrian Webster as “the act of expressing disapproval and of noting the problems or faults of a person or thing”. Critique is defined as “a careful judgment in which you give your opinion about the good and bad parts of something”. Both are forms of feedback. Criticism focuses on the bad, critique focuses on both.

Which is Better?

They both have their values and places, but there is a clear one you want to seek. Critique is by far more helpful than criticism. Yes, they are similar, but criticism seeks to point out the bad. In my experience, it does nothing to address the good, or even help you make the bad better. Also, criticism has a way of discouraging. It focuses solely on the bad, and none about the good, and most people are told to think that there is nothing good about their work and they give up.

Bad or Good?

We’ve all heard the phrase “constructive criticism”. I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe criticism has the ability to be constructive. Constructive criticism is plainly a fancy word for critique. Criticism is bad, but critique is good.

Seek both, value one

So seek critique, not criticism. If someone criticizes you, turn it into critique. Ask “Well, what’s good about it, and what should I fix to make it better?”. Seek constructive feedback that guides you to get better. Being told the negatives is not inspiring you to get better. Quality advice and ideas on how to make your work better are invaluable, and you need a mentor that will guide you and critique you.

Critique Online

There is this fantastic site called Hunie. You get a certain amount of uploads and people critique your work. The more you critique, the more uploads you get. Read more about how it works at

The site is invite only, but you are able to request an invitation.


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