A Lot Goes in to a Little

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get little product. You aren’t going to get exactly what you want the first time. Sometimes you may not know exactly what you want. You see it in your head but it takes try after try to get it down the way you see it. That seems to be a common attribute of ideas. That’s why it takes countless sheets of paper or countless megabytes of storage to get what you want. It may take a lot of time. I have spent countless hours trying to perfect an idea I’ve had in my head. The important thing is to stick with it. Experiment, try new things. I would argue that designers are similar to scientists. They have an idea of what they want, but they spend hours in a lab, or a studio,  working out the kinks and trying to get exactly what they want. Scientists sometimes spend their whole lives trying to prove one thing. The important thing is they stick with it. Design is a science. Try different elements, experiment with different things until everything mingles together perfectly. Brew up your concoction. It may take a couple of weeks to get it right, or 7 sheets of paper like mine. Heck, I’ve been through 7 pieces of paper and probably a pen’s worth of ink and I still haven’t gotten anything I’ve liked. The important thing is to keep going. If the idea is good enough it will be worth it in the end.

nightofworshipblow_1 nightofworshipblow_2 nightofworshipblow_3


One thought on “A Lot Goes in to a Little

  1. This is so true! I know exactly what you mean- spending hours brainstorming and researching and sketching trying to get it just right. A lot of people don’t realize everything that goes into making a great design. Good post!

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