Taco Bell Re-brand

*DISCLAIMER I do not mean to mock any of the designers at Taco Bell, or criticize them. I am merely sharing a different perspective on their logo and seeing what you, the public think*


That does not mean I love Taco Bell’s logo. In reality, I don’t. It’s not awful, but trends have modernized in recent years and I think it is about time Taco Bell does the same. Now, I understand that re-branding a giant company like Taco Bell costs tons of money, but this is just an idea of what that could look like.

If we examine Taco Bell’s logo, you can see it is just too cluttered. There is too much going on and you feel overwhelmed. The color scheme is not great, but it isn’t horrible either, and it will be hard to change that for a brand. You can’t have Mcdonald’s be Blue and Orange. It is just not right. But in reality, trends have gone from complex to simplified. I describe it as distinct but simplified. Cut things out but leave the same core idea in place. That is exactly what I did.

Below is a comparison of my logo versus the old logo

hereAbove is a simple explanation of what I changed and what I took out. So now it is up to you. What do you think is better, the old or the new?



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