2 Years

Around this time we celebrate 2 whole years of CDM Productions. Over the last two years, a lot has changed. I’ve migrated my blogs from Blogger to WordPress and combined all different branches. I’ve also started and learned both hand lettering and motion graphics. It’s been an exciting two years and I look forward to 2 more.


Now, along the lines of this, it is important to note the progression over the last two years. As a designer, it’s important to always be improving. You should look back at your old designs and see you have changed. Most of the time you look back and want to puke, but that is good. That means you’ve made project. No designer can deny that he doesn’t have bad designs. The goal is to get better. Be better than you were.

For example, look at some of my first few designs

They are bad. Really bad.


Just look at the logo on this one. I had no clue what I was doing and it looks atrocious. The second one isn’t much better


Get better. Always improve. Look at two of my new designs

Pictures on the Wall_0000_Vertical


These are a lot cleaner and a lot better.


So, get better. Work on it. You will get better whether you know it or not.


One thought on “2 Years

  1. (Claps) Thanks man. (Cry’s in joy) You made my day. Now I know I’m not the only one with crappy first graphics. (High fives your face)


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