Dealing with Style

Graphic design is filled with many different styles. Their popularity comes and goes, but most styles stick around in some form, adapting to the current phenomenons. It is important to stay up to dare with new concepts and styles, but at the same time you need to stay original.

This produces a dilemma. How do you stay modern but be original at the same time? Design changes constantly, so how do you stay up to date with modern concepts and styles, but also keep your own style?

The first key is to be willing to adapt. Notice the word I used: adapt. I didn’t say changeChange implies that you are taking something you have and turning it into something else. Adapt means to take something you have and adjust it to meet a certain need. Design is all about adaptation. Styles change and you at least need to acknowledge them and be open to adapting. You don’t have to change your style so that it is the popular theme. Take an element of that and incorporate it into your design. You don’t have to change everything you do so you are “hip” and “popular”. Stick to your own style, but add in popular elements.

Key #2 is to be able to do a variety of different styles. As important as it is to be good at your style, you don’t want to be one-sided. You want to be versatile. Clients want that, and they want their style too. Have your own style that you love, but be able to execute other styles well enough that if a client wants a certain style you can deliver. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin but you also don’t want to have to turn clients away because you can’t meet their needs. If you don’t have clients, then focus on your style. Develop it, make it good. Be the best you can be at that style. Own it. Same with professional graphic designers with clients. If you are designing in your free time, make what you like, and master it.

Style is a cloudy category when it comes to design. In a field that is ever-changing, it is hard to keep up with the current trends but stay original. Challenge yourself, but in the end stay true to yourself


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