Fireworks-and how to make the most of them


Fireworks offer a unique opportunity for photos. You can have the shutter speed super quick or super slow. A quick shutter speed shows the pops and parks of the firework, and a slow one shows the light streaks. You have to experiment with the speed depending on the firework and the look you are looking for. For short fireworks, a shutter speed past 6 seconds. For longer fireworks, don’t go past 4 seconds. For long or short fireworks, if you go past 1/250 it will be too dark. It is all experimentation based on the fireworks and how dark it is, but these are some suggestions. Later tonight, when the skies are ablaze, whip out your camera and take some cool shots. Make sure to have your tripod too for those long shutter speed shots!

Fireworks_1 Fireworks_16 Fireworks_23 Fireworks_27 Fireworks_33 Fireworks_35 Fireworks_37 Fireworks_39 Fireworks_44 Fireworks_46 Fireworks_48


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