Weekly Tip #4 – Originality

This week’s tip is about originality. In this world, it is hard to be 100% original. There are ads thrown in your face every day and the internet is a quick tool to find cool things. This is a challenge to try and forget all of the things you see and create something yourself. It is one thing to look at elements in other designs and try to apply them in your design, but it is another thing to copy something entirely. It is a good thing to have people and designers to look up to, but you have to make sure not to go too far. You should look up to people and learn their methods, but you should not copy their designs. You can apply some of their methodology to your work, but your ideas should be your own. You can copy elements and methods, but never copy ideas. Ideas should be restricted to the person who came up with them. If you copy someone’s ideas, you are stealing. Someone worked on that idea and developed it, and you are stealing that. It is way more satisfying to come up with your own idea than to steal someone else’s.

This week and from now on I challenge you to stop copying and start making. Stay way from copying other peoples’ ideas and develop your own.


Tell us your thoughts.

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