Weekly Tip #3

This week’s tip is about Layer Comps in Photoshop. This is a useful feature that allows you to change the Photoshop document and have different variations with one click of the button.

First, you need to make Layer Comps view-able in your panels. Go to Windows, the make sure Layer Comps is checked on. If it is not, check it on and drag it where you like.

LC-1With your first style/variation ready, click Create New Layer Comp and it will bring up a dialogue menu. Name your Layer Comp and make sure all three boxes are checked. Normally the “Appearance (Layer Style)” box is not checked, but if you want to change any layer styles, like Color Fill or Drop Shadow, you need it checked otherwise it won’t change.

LC-2Do this for each variation of the document. If you go back and change a Layer Comp, make sure to click the refresh button, or else the changes you made will not be kept. When all of your Layer Comps are finished and ready to save, go to File->Scripts->Layer Comps to Files. When the dialogue box comes up, set your Save Destination, File type, and File Name Prefix. The files are saved as “File Prefix_0001_LayerCompName”


I hope this tip helps you out. It is a simple tip that has improved my workflow.








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