Weekly Tip #2 –

In this week’s tip, we will be talking about creative processes. The Creative Process is an important step not in just design, but music and any other type of creative art. Everyone’s process is different, and don’t change what works, but the following are a few tips or suggestions that could potentially improve your creative workflow.

#1-Task List

It is important to know what you need to do and what deadlines you to meet. You need to make a task list. This can be a sheet of paper, but I would steer clear of this habit. This paper would easily get lost or mixed in with other things like bills, mail, etc. It is best to keep your creative thoughts isolated from other, every day tasks. You can buy a pocket task notebook for super cheap. I take mine everywhere and keep it in my pocket for quick use in case I get an idea on the go. The one I have was gifted to me, but it can be purchased here along with a variety of other sizes and styles. Below is my personal task notebook


#2-Work space

As a creative, it is important to have your own work space. You need a place that is your own spot to go and create. This spot should be away from all distractions. You need a place where you can focus on you and your ideas, and not getting interrupted by other people. Let people know that when you are at your creative spot, to leave you alone. Also, keep your spot distracted from other, non-creative, things. Have your desk be solely for your creative purposes and not for bills and Facebook. Have your spot be where you go and create. Distinguish that between other spots so that you know when you are in your spot, it is time to create. Also, personalize your space. This step is optional, of course, but highly suggested. Make your space unique and interesting to look at. Also, keep your space neat and organized. You don’t necessarily need to change your whole life just because of the previous statement. Some people are just messy and if that is how they get things done, they should keep it that way. This is merely a suggestion you should try to see if it improves your own personal creative process. Your space reflects your mind. If your space is messy, your mind is messy too. If your space is easy to get around and clean and organized, so will your thoughts and ideas. I personally do not have my own space yet, but that is my summer project and it is something I aspire to have.

 #3-Sketch Your IDeas

This is a really important step in a creative process. This tip is a bit less of a suggestion than the previous two tips. You may have an idea scrambling around in your head. These are usually the best ideas, and you want to document the ideas as soon as possible as to not lose it.

Sketching is also important to get an exact idea of what you are about to make. You may have a vision in your head, but it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would on the screen. For some peculiar reason, drawing is a more accurate representation of your idea. With a pencil and paper you are free of the software restrictions and are able to do what you please. You can also make sure your idea actually works and easily fine tune it so that it does. Now, it is easier to transfer that idea to a computer. You have a direct visual connection with your idea rather than your mind’s interpretation.

You may be horrible at drawing, but still force yourself to sketch your ideas. You will get better at drawing with this as well. The more you do it, the better you are. You may think the sketching is useless and does nothing, but stick with it and you will see results.

The three previous tips are simply suggestions. You don’t have to change your whole creative process to align with these tips. Try them out and see if they work with your creative process. Whatever you do, don’t change your creative process in a drastic way. Keep it you, but also be open to small little tips to improve your workflow. You don’t have to keep it grudgingly, but give it a shot.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Tip #2 –

  1. Caleb, thanks for this tip. I just moved my desk and it helps. Can you show us what your creative space looks like? Thanks man!


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