Dream Office

I have often dreamt of opening my own personal office one day for graphic design, and I though I would share what I would want it to be like, so stick with me.

It would be in a portion of downtown of some city. It would be a two story historic building with picture windows in the front. You would see my logo displayed in the front and open the doors too a nice crisp white walled studio with nice highlights of orange throughout. You would wait in a nice comfortable sitting area examining some of my artwork on the walls. You could see in to my office through nice glass walls and then enter through glass tables. My office would be a nice open room with comfortable seating and a nice crisp white office desk sitting on a nice dark hardwood floor. We would talk after I go to get you a drink (coffee of course) and discuss plans and options. If you are coming in for a photography shoot, I would lead you back through a hallway with a bathroom on the left and into a nice room in the back equipped with all the necessary photography needs. Somewhere you could not see would be a staircase to my “apartment” with my bed, mini-kitchen, etc.

I am a very modern person. The theme throughout my office/apartment would be clean white walls with splashes of random colors like orange, cyan, or green, as my first choices. I would also have splashes of rustic woods, but not too much.

That is my dream office, although my dream will evolve over time.


Tell us your thoughts.

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