Design is everywhere…

Drawing inspiration from the things around us

I don’t normally do just straight blog posts…all of my posts consist of my designs that I have completed with a bit of background. I just want to express some basic opinions and things I’ve learned from becoming a freelance graphic designer.

A major thing I have learned is that design is everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. On t-shirts, cereal boxes, billboards-really about anything you can think of. You can draw a lot of inspiration from all of these designs. Most people associate inspiration with an idea you draw from an external source that you use in a production sort of way, whether it be music, design, painting, drawing, dancing, and billions of other things. All though inspiration can be talked about in that sense, the specific definition according to Merriam Webster is “The process of being mentally simulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “flashes of inspiration”. So in my eyes there are two kinds of inspiration: good and bad.

There are many fantastic design works to look at, whether it is online, at home, or in your community. I have seen many spectacular designs that have provided me ideas for my own designs. But, be careful; inspiration is a good thing, but you do not want to copy someone else’s work. You want your designs to be unique and stand out, even when drawing ideas from something else

Then comes the bad inspiration. This can help you grow as a designer just as much as good inspiration can. I have seen plenty of bad, poorly executed designs, a lot of the times on shirts. Instead of giving ideas of what not to do, it provides a good example of what to avoid when you design something. I often look at things and say, I know how to make that look better, as I have done in a recent blog post. This is a good exercise; to redo a design but also keep the style of the original design.

Thank you to anyone who actually pushed through and read this all. I might be doing more posts like this if there is a good response, so comment, push that +1 button and thank you for all of your support!


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