Logo Improvements

Graphics surround us everyday…from ads to store and product logos. Along with this, there are good and bad graphics. I had the idea to fix these two logos…because before they quite frankly annoyed me.

The first one that annoys me is TJ Maxx. It is not a bad idea for a logo, but it was executed badly. It may not be a big deal to most but it bothers me. If you look closely, you see the bottom/right “x” nicking the other side of the other “x” which i think makes it look bad.

So I redesigned it…the other parts are not the exact same but I did my best to copy it and you see the part mentioned above is non-occuring.
The other logo design that bothers me more than TJ Maxx is Bed Bath & Beyond. The way the “D” is stretched out looks horrid. So I fixed it
…and the fixed logo. I know the actual fonts in this but they costed money to get different styles so the bold looks a bit weird but it is still an improvement.


Tell us your thoughts.

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