Masks-but not the scary kind

I’ve just started being smart about my designs and using layer masks. For those of you who don’t know what a layer mask is or does, it is a feature in Photoshop which allows you to edit what is seen and what isn’t (Black is not seen and white is) Example below:

You can use this to edit things without messing up the original image, like the 5 in the picture above. Its hard to see because of the picture quality which I’m sorry for. For example, in the design below which the above picture is from, the clarinet, “squad”, and “5” are not edited to be separate from each other (AKA with white spaces in between).

With the use of layer masks I was able to get the effect I wanted without changing the actual elements. Before I used layer masks if i wanted to change something I had to undo multiple times but with layer masks I am able to edit it a lot easier than before. Why I did what I did before, I do not know, but I guess that is part of any learning experience…


Tell us your thoughts.

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