Hetta Branding

I found a tip somewhere that branding companies, fake even, allows your creativity to run free. I’ve made a lot of logos for fake companies but this time I took it the next step. I created the logo, even a font (Skateboard Script. Contact me at cdmproductions1@gmail.com if you would like it), business cards,  billboard ads, brochures, the whole nine yards. The fake company is called Hetta Skateboards. Hetta is Swedish for Heat.

This is the logo I created for Hetta in Illustrator with a very cool brush preset which is what I used for the font.

I also made a very simple business card but it is my first! Below is the front.

And the back:
And the dazzling billboard
And the front of the brochure
And the back:


Tell us your thoughts.

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