Most of my design work, almost all of it, is based in Adobe’s Photoshop. I had the wonderful opportunity to job-shadow graphic designers and web developers this Tuesday. I got sub-inspired to branch out a little from my comfort zone and play with Adobe Illustrator, what I would say is the sister program to Photoshop. If you notice, Adobe has a lot of “sibling” programs. Photoshop (Ideal for photo editing, manipulations, and typography effects) and Illustrator (Good for logos, icons, vectors, and the like) are siblings, as well as After Effects (Post-Video effects like moving typography and special effects) and Premiere (Video Editing), as well as InDesign (Print design and web design) and Dreamweaver (HTML web design/coding). I have not fully learned or experimented with InDesign or Dreamweaver, but it is one of my goals for this year, to get fluent in those programs as I am with Photoshop and Illustrator. But getting to the point, I did some logo designs for un-existing companies (Or at least I thought). I did not intend to copyright infringe or anything like that. If these companies have problems (Or would like to use my logos), please email me at cdmproductions1@gmail.com
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